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Kirk Cameron & Warren Barfield Remind Us That Marriage is Worth It

Kirk Cameron Here Sunday & Setting the Record Straight About "Growing Pains"

Tomorrow we begin a new teaching series titled "Worth It" that covers the history of and true meaning of marriage. Timely since we're hosting Kirk Cameron and Warren Barfield tomorrow afternoon for the "Love Worth Fighting For" Marriage Event.

This event was scheduled months ago when I began talking with Mike Williams of Feed Your Faith Ministries. This is the group hosting this event and others like it throughout the nation. What started as one event in the Knoxville, Tennessee area a few years ago has now expanded to many cities and multiple events. 

Mike's Feed Your Faith site says this about the ministry:

Feed Your Faith was started in 2006 by Mike Williams.  His concept was simple:  Bring in the best and brightest Christian speakers, authors and musicians to spiritually feed believers while raising money to physically feed those in need.  Feed Your Faith has worked with nationally known writers and music groups including Kirk Cameron, Warren Barfield, Lee Strobel (former legal editor of the Chicago Tribune and author of The Case for Christ), author Mark Mittleberg, DecembeRadio, Decyfer Down and Sanctus Real (Dove Award winning Christian Rock and Alternative band), NEEDTOBREATHE and Sarah Reeves.  To date, Feed Your Faith has raised tens of thousands of dollars for charities throughout the Southeast United States.

It's a great concept and more of a missional strategy for conferences and concerts than we have seen in the past. We're proud to be partnering with Mike and Feed Your Faith for this event.

Lwff_poster.2011-07 Kirk Cameron, of course, is best known for his portrayal of Mike Seaver on the 1980s hit sit-com "Growing Pains." While a teenager, he was an avowed atheist, but God revealed Himself to Kirk and Kirk surrendered his life to Christ. At that moment, everything changed. The platform of being a celebrity and an actor has provided Kirk with numerous opportunities to share the Truth with others.

His appearance in the Sherwood Pictures release Fireproof moved him to a place of speaking not only of knowing Christ personally, but of living out one's faith in everyday life. The theme of Fireproof was marital reconciliation and God's design for marriage (one man, one woman for life.) This is the backdrop for the "Love Worth Fighting For" events.

Musical guest Warren Barfield will be at the event as well. He has numerous songs to his credit, including the song "Love Is Not a Fight" from the Fireproof movie.

Kirk's celebrity recognition opens doors to reach many who otherwise would not be interested in a Christian marriage event held at a church. The local news agencies have run and are running stories about the event. Numerous 40-something ladies are calling the church upset that there are no more early access tickets available. I hope they still come. Hopefully, they won't bring their old copies of Tiger Beat with them. Regardless, Kirk will be ready.

We're glad to be hosting this event, primarily for the emphasis that Kirk and Warren are going to give regarding God's plan and desire for marriage. Simply put - marriage is "worth it" and "worth fighting for."

There are still tickets available for the event. It begins at 3pm at First Baptist Church and will last through 6:30pm. There is no child-care available. Kirk and Warren will have resources for sale as well. 

I hope to see you tomorrow. You can buy tickets at the door or online here.



A few months ago, when we announced we were hosting this event, a friend asked me via Facebook how I knew Kirk Cameron. I joked and said that I appeared on Growing Pains as Mike's best friend. I was just kidding and I thought that would be obvious, but apparently, sarcasm doesn't work on Facebook. He ended up going to work and telling others that I was on the show. They did a Google search and couldn't find me on IMDB.COM. No doubt. I'm not an actor and was never on Growing Pains. Unlike some who pad their resumes with jobs they never had, I was just kidding and thought my friend knew this. He does now. So, I apologized to my friend. All is good.

I did watch Growing Pains and I'm sure if I had lived in Southern California in the 1980s, I would have  been chosen to play Boner (Mike Seaver's best friend and the worst character name in the history of television.) Just to set the record straight, I was never in the show. Boner was played by the late Andrew Koenig (son of Walter Koenig - "Mr. Chekov" of Star Trek fame.)

Oh, and even though I look like Murray Wiggle of The Wiggles, I was never on that show either. I was on Romper Room about 36 years ago in Biloxi, Mississippi, but that's another story.

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