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Hundreds of pre-teen girls, their mothers and grandmothers gathered in the building yesterday. This was our annual "Heart 2 Heart" Conference and it was the largest in history. I remember talking with our Children's Pastor a few years ago about this ministry about the potential of this ministry. I shared that the potential is great, not because it offers cool T-shirts or girly trinkets to young girls, but that it is focused on the Gospel and intent on answering the heart question of young ladies.

The heart question is at the core of every woman and must be answered. (Oh, men have a heart question as well. It's just a different one. This is God's intent.)

PreteenGirl-cutEven though the Heart 2 Heart girls gather weekly, for this one weekend a year, the "Conference" happens. This two-day gathering has really taken off. Where dozens used to attend, the numbers swelled this year to hundreds. Seriously. . .hundreds (and I'm not exagerrating using "preacher numbers.")

I came yesterday morning to give greeting to the gathered group. There were young girls running through the building, dragging their mothers with them. They were saving seats and checking out the vendor tables set up in the back of the room - all with products targeted to the captive audience.

My job yesterday was just to welcome everyone and thank them for coming. Rather than just say "Hey, we're glad you're here. Be sure to stop by the vendor tables," I felt God leading me to remind these ladies of all ages of the very powerful, yet simple answer to their heart question.

I did welcome them and then told them that God desired they knew fully that they were beautiful in His eyes and so very worth it. That's it. That's the answer. I then prayed they would remember this, not just for the day, but for the remainder of their lives.

Our culture (in fact, it's been the Enemy's tactic from the beginning) tells women over and over again that they are not beautiful, or at least not beautiful enough. There is an entire industry built on women seeking to be beautiful. Of course, beauty is not just relegated to physicality, but that seems to be where the message is most strongly sent.

Why is this?

Because it is the heart question of the woman.

Ever since Eve.

It's not a question of weakness. It's a question of wholeness.

So ladies, preteen girls and "girls" of all ages, you will hear that you are not beautiful. You will hear that you are not worth it. Remember where those statements originate. Don't agree with them. They are lies.

God's answer to your question is "Yes, you are beautiful, made in my image, on purpose, with intent. And. . .you are worth it!"

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