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Rebranding First Baptist Church

Rebranding is a term that has been used in marketing for years. It signifies the creation of a new name, term, symbol, design or combination of these for a product or business.

We have seen various products rebranded throughout the years. Sometimes this is done with the intent of developing a new, differentiated product view. At times it's successful. Sometimes it is nothing more than a "new coat of paint" on an old product.

So, why rebrand the church's logo?

For the past nineteen years, First Baptist Church of Orange Park has used the cross in the circle as its brand. The imagery first came into existence as an artistic rendering of the round window with the cross imbedded within on the "new" worship center.

Over time, the logo has been morphed to its most recent state, but other than having a cross within it, does not convey much regarding the message and mission of First Baptist Church. In fact, some have stated that it appears "too hippy-like" (whatever that means) or even reminds them of a burning cross (not the image we hoped to convey.)

As we continue to move forward as a Kingdom-focused church, with a new strategy and process for discipling being developed this year (with a church-wide reveal planned for the fall) it is time for a new look.

First orange park copy
Some things about this image. . .

  • "First" reminds us that at this church, God is first. His Kingdom is the focus. What's first at Orange Park? God is.
  • "A Southern Baptist Church" makes it clear who we are doctrinally and relationally. Our autonomy as a Baptist church is affirmed yet our affirmation of The Baptist Faith & Message as our statement of faith is clear.
  • The four colored blocks signify the four connections we have been working through for years (worship, small groups, ministry, community).
  • The fact the boxes are not the same size and seem to be randomly placed reminds us that at times life seems just like this - random and confusing.
  • The cross that is formed in the white space between the boxes is an affirmation that while life may seem random, God holds it all together and offers peace, hope and life. He is the center of all we do and are.

You most likely have begun to see this imagery throughout our church, on signs, the web and on publications.

The response to the new brand has been overwhelmingly positive within the church body and the community.

However, we must be very clear here. The "holy discontent" that has settled upon us as we strive to break free of the cancer of mediocrity will not be resolved simply through a new logo. This is just a tiny step forward as we strive to be the church God has called us to be.

Rest assured. . .this will be an adventuresome year.

See you Sunday at First!

*Oh, BTW - those who say "You took 'Baptist' out of the name!" are wrong. Read it. It says "A Southern Baptist Church." Also, our legal name as a church is still "First Baptist Church of Orange Park, Florida, Inc." No changes there.

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