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Broken: Part 14 "Broken Support"


In this brief message, we are reminded of the generosity of heart that is to be evident in the lives of disciples. As we live out our faith for Christ, God leads us, through His grace, to live generously. This is evident as we step outside our comfort zones to show love in Christ's name.

This year, we're collecting an offering for the Florida Baptist Children's Homes. This vital ministry supports and serves over 100,000 children in Florida and throughout the world annually. 

This offering is part of our "Orphan Care Initiative" and will be collected through Father's Day 2015.

All donations received will be forwarded in full to the Florida Baptist Children's Homes.

If you would like to give toward this offering, you may do so through our church's online giving option.

Give here



2015 Annual Offering from Florida Baptist Children's Homes on Vimeo.


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