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3 - The Game of Church - Sorry

Remember the old Carol Burnett Show sketch where Mama, Eunice and her husband are playing the game "Sorry"?  Man, I tried to find that video clip, but couldn't put my hands on the entire piece.  Still one of the funniest things ever on TV.

This sermon  addresses the need we have to come clean and apologize.  Really, it's time.  We need to say we're sorry. . .to God, the church and to others.  Don't delay.

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1 - The Game of Church - Hungry, Hungry Hippos

We cannot afford to miss what God is doing in this church and community.  Sometimes, we get caught up in just playing the game of church.  This is the first sermon in a series on "The Game of Church."  This one addresses that age-old statement "I'm just not being fed."  The title is "Hungry, Hungry Hippos."

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