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Where are you headed?

This is the article presented in my weekly e-mail to members of my church.  It's created a little buzz in preparation for Sunday.  Thought I'd post it here as well:

In your wildest dream, what would love to be doing in 10 years?  So often as believers we give up dreaming.  I guess we think it's unspiritual or something.  I think that's a tragedy. 

Somehow, in this mess of legalistic Christianity that so many have bought into, they have traded their God-given ability to dream and desire.

God is not about trying to fit you into some "Christian" cookie-cutter mold.  Sure, there are guidelines to living that lead us to a holy life, but the reality is that each and every one of us are unique individuals.  When you asked Christ into your life to be your Lord and Savior, you didn't trade in your brain. 

The difficulty I see is that most people do not have an overarching, transcendent vision of where they're going in life.  It's as if they're headed on a journey, with no map, no concept of where they're headed. . .they're just driving.

Remember the Nissan commercials from a few years ago with Ken and Barbie-type dolls and a GI Joe?  Click here to watch it.  It's pretty funny.  The point is at the end of the commercial, the tag line is "Enjoy the Ride."  That's great, but without a direction, what good is the ride?

This Sunday I am going to speak honestly and openly, very transparently and with no barriers between me and you, the congregation, about some steps we all need to take in our personal lives regarding direction and the future.  Without a plan, we're sunk - in marriage, parenting, school, work, and even church.

I know Sunday is the first day of Spring Break in many of our minds, but I encourage you to do everything possible to be here.  I believe this message may be one of the most important you will have ever heard.

North Texas loses

The game just finished and my alma mater lost.  I had picked North Texas to win it all, now my bracket is messed up (well at least one of my brackets.  In my other bracket, I picked North Texas to beat Memphis.  Now, I'm rooting for Arkansas Arkansas_razorbacksand Tennessee!

Oh yeah, I've picked the UT Lady Vols to win the Women's Tournament.


Already missed

We're just a few minutes before tip-off of March Madness and I've already missed my first pick.  Niagara beat Florida A&M in the play-in game.

Oh well - Go Mean Green.

March Madness

It's that time of year and tonight the "play-in" game for the field of 64 in the NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament happens in Dayton.  I pick Florida A&M to win tonight for the privilege of playing one more game. . .and that's all they'll get.

If you want to join my online Yahoo Pick 'Em Challenge, you can.  Here are the details:

Everyone is invited to join Pastor David's (Yahoo user ID - rstuffym) NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament Challenge.  BTW - North Texas, the Pastor's alma mater made it into the "Big Dance" by winning the Sun Belt Conference Tournament.

This is all for fun.  There are no prizes or cost - just bragging rights for the champ. 

You have been invited to join rstuffym's Private Group in Yahoo! Sports Tournament Pick'em.

In order to join the group, follow the link above, or go to the game front page and click on the "Join Group" button. When prompted, enter the following information:

Group ID#: 9896
Password: winner


Why Am I Here?

Last week I addressed the great identity crisis that many Christians face today.  People like you and me in the church who just can’t find their fit, just aren’t comfortable in their own skin and are searching for identity.

I addressed  the reality that when you became a believer in Christ, God took your old name “sinner” and replaced it with a new name “saint.” 

The fact, that in Christ, we’ve been made new – we’ve been given a new life – a new start.

This leads to the next question many people face “Why am I here?” 

Life is not random, and neither is God.

Download 02_why_am_i_here_.mp3

The Born Again Identity: Who Am I?

Bornagainidentity2He's flipped through the photographs, listened to the stories, read through all the letters. He's even trolled through his computer files looking for clues.

But more than a month after he woke up with no memory on the streets of Denver, Jeff Ingram still has no idea who he is.

"Family vacations, high school graduation, prom night ... your first dance, your first kiss. That's all lost," Ingram said Wednesday.

"It's very hard to put into words. ... It's probably the most frustrating thing that a person can ever go through, is to lose their identity. Because your past is what makes you who you are today — good or bad."

Ingram made headlines when he turned up in Denver on Sept. 10.

He had set off on a trip home to Canada on Sept. 6 and showed up in Denver four days later without a single memory of his life, reports
Jeff Dubois of CBS affiliate KIRO

He says he awoke, alone and terrified, with no idea who or where he was. He had no wallet or ID — just $8 cash, the clothes on his back, a few pieces of his jewelry and a driving headache.

"I had no idea where I was. I didn't recognize no buildings. No streets. No nothing," Ingram said Wednesday. "I couldn't remember my name. So, I thought, 'OK maybe I have a wallet.' There's no I.D. on me at all."

Ingram says he began wandering the streets, pleading for help from strangers.

You may have followed this news story from last year.  Ingram is now back home in Olympia, Washington.  He still has no memories, but has reunited with his fiancée and is planning to marry soon.

We hear this story and others and to be honest, there’s some skepticism here.  How could someone just not know who they are.  The only place amnesia really happens is on soap operas, right?  Apparently not.

As believers in Christ, there is also a form of amnesia at work.  It’s created a spiritual identity crisis.

There is great confusion and misunderstanding among many believers who just don’t know who they are or what their role is in the Body.

For these next three weeks, we’re going to discover our identity. 

We cannot afford to live life in a fog, not knowing who we are, why we’re here or where we’re going.

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