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Frustrating Team

Ever since the days of Mark Aquirre, Rolando Blackman and Brad Davis, I have been a die-hard Dallas Mavericks fan.  Many people have become "fans" since they went to the NBA finals last year, but I've been cheering them on even through the Quinn Buckner days (which if you're not a Mavs fan is the equivalent of rooting for the Gators while Ron Zook was coach). 

Dallas_mavericksNow, the Mavs are a legitimate winner.  That's the one good thing Mark Cuban has done for the team - he's made them winners. 

So, tell me, how can a team that won almost 70 games in the regular season, that made the NBA Finals last season, ran past most every team in the league this year, stayed in first place for most of the season, be on the brink of elimination by the Golden State Warriors?

OK, here's the answer - Don Nelson.  The Mavs former coach  knows how to beat these guys and has done so all season.

The worst thing is that since these are west coast games, they start at 10pm and that means I'm up until 1am and have to go to bed mad because they blew another lead and let the Warriors win.

OK, since I truly am a MFFL, I do believe that they will win the next two games and force a game seven.  Then, once they make it through the first round, I won't have to worry any longer.  Surely a team that went to the Finals a year ago won't be eliminated in the first round (Oh yeah, forgot about the Miami Heat.  Oh well, there's always next year.)

Confronting the Giant - Part I


You’ve no doubt heard the David and Goliath story.  There was a battle to be fought and until the giant was confronted and dealt with, the people of God could not move forward in their life journey.

In our church, we have a “giant” that must be confronted as well.  As many of you know, it was six years ago when we began dreaming of expanding our church’s main campus and facilities and raised money in order to build our current Family Ministry Center (gym), educational facility and administrative building.  God has truly blessed us with these facilities and through them we have been able to make a stronger impact in our community and world.

As you know, the millions of dollars necessary to build these buildings was secured through loans at our bank.  In fact, we have three separate loans right now.  Two of the loans are paid for through our weekly budget offering, but there is one loan (our giant,  so to speak) that is still out there and needs to be eliminated.

When this third loan is paid off, we will, as a church body, have more resources available to do more ministry.

It’s hard to focus on paying for something that we already “own.”  You may deal with this each month when you make your mortgage payment or car payment.  Think how freeing it is when those items are finally paid off.

In our church, we will find ourselves better stewards as well as free to do more ministry once we take care of  this “giant.”

So, as your pastor, along with other leaders in our church body, I am asking you to consider making a two year commitment together so that we may pay off this third loan and “confront this giant” and eliminate this loan.

If every church member would take the challenge, to prayerfully consider giving sacrificially, over and above the 10% tithe, for just two years, we would eliminate this “giant.”

Will you join me in confronting this giant?

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They Did It!!!!!

I know all of you watched the real "Big" game last night as Tennessee beat Rutgers in women's basketball.

My observations:

  • Candace Parker is unique.  This woman is better than most men playing in college today - not strength wise, of course, but all around basketball skills, team mentality, and the ability to make the other team focus so much on her that others are forgotten.

Lady Volunteers

  • Nicky Anosike - the best name in basketball, but more.  She, in my opinion, was the player of the game.  She was a monster on the boards and stepped up when other stars were struggling.

Lady Volunteers

  • Shannon Bobbitt - unbelievable at 5'2".  It's like she never runs out of energy.  The funniest thing was when she pulled down an offensive rebound while surrounded by three Rutgers giants. 
  • Alexis Hornbuckle - she had the play of the game.  When she had the breakaway lay up and two Rutgers players chasing her, she stopped, the Rutgers girls jumped and just flew by her.  I think we watched this replayed on our Tivo two or three times.

Lady Volunteers

  • Sidney Spencer - not her best game, but I like her.  She's a senior, a funny girl and a leader on the team.  Best of alll, she's a Christian and not ashamed to let people know.  I still can't figure out why she wasn't on the court in the final minute - as a senior and an 80+% FT shooter.  I'm sure Pat Summitt wants my input on coaching.

Lady Volunteers

  • Pat Summitt - class, class, class.  She is up there with John Wooden as far as winning coaches, but also in her demeanor and attitude.  Watching her pre-game pep talk motivated me.  After meeting her personally last summer, it's obvious that this lady cares about her players, their families, and every single fan and young person that looks up to her.  She sees the big picture.

Lady Volunteers 

Now for the big game

OK, congrats to the Florida Gators.  They did something that has never been done before, and in impressive fashion.  To win back-to-back NCAA tournaments with the same starting five is amazing.  I would have thought that John Wooden and his UCLA Bruins with all their championships would have accomplished that, but no.


They're also the first SEC team to win back to back championships (you have to go back to the 48-49 Kentucky Wildcats).

So, even those who are not Gator fans need to acknowledge this feat.

Congrats to Billy Donavan (is he the new Kentucky coach?) and the Gators.

However, Greg Oden was THE man on the court last night.  I know he's only 18, but he looks 40.  A man among boys.

Now that all of that's out of the way, the big game is on TV tonight.  That's right, the Women's NCAA championship.  This one's going to be good.  In fact, most of the women's games this year were more entertaining than the men's.  As Coach Wooden said, these women are playing real team ball, unlike many of the men.  I guess he would know.

Tonight it's Pat Summit's Lady Vols of Tennessee against the University of New Jersey (Rutgers) Lady Scarlet Knights.

We plan on singing "Rocky Top" in my house after the victory.

The Day the Music Died

Remember the Don McLean song "American Pie?"

Bye, bye Miss American Pie drove my Chevy to the levy but the levy was dry an them good ol' boys were drinkin whiskey and rye singin this will be the day that I die, this will be the day that I die.

I heard this on the radio the other day and the hopelessness that comes from it reminded me of what the people who saw Jesus' crucifixion must have thought.

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