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Being a Real Man

Wow!  This message apparently struck a nerve.  More comments from men and women following this one than any other recent message.  It seems that God is setting up the men of this church to fulfill the role He designed for them.  Imagine a church full fo men who "get it!" 

Third I referenced a song from the rock group Boston.  This song "To Be a Man" was a strange balland to find on the long awaited third album.  Someone asked me Sunday afternoon "Did you listen to that on your 8 track?"  Very funny.  No, it was a cassette tape.  Some of you still remember those.  This was a "new cassette" that was made of clear plastic rather than the white plastic.  You know, the latest in high tech recording technology.  Regardless, I pretty much wore that tape out.

But what does it mean to be a man.  That's what this message is about.  It's about understanding God's role for men.  This is a dangerous message in that the Enemy and the world, in general, feels threatened when men and women live out their godly roles.

Take a listen. . .

Download 01_being_a_real_man.mp3

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