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Not a Musical. . . An Experience!

"I've never experienced anything like it."

"Wow.  God moved today!"

"Thank you."

Shelvin_praiseteam2 Statements like these and more have been shared since yesterday morning when Shelvin led our choir in the presentation of "How Great is Our God."  I shared with Shelvin that this wasn't a musical.  When I think of musicals, I think of "Annie," "Singin' in the Rain," and "The Music Man."

This wasn't a concert either, in the sense we normally host.

What happened Sunday morning?

We experienced God.

Please leave comments as to your experience Sunday.  I'd love to hear them.

(I've also listed some of  the comments sent via e-mail to Shelvin)

South Campus to Open Spring 2008

I shared last spring how God was leading me to lead this church to grow and increase our role in the Kingdom.  It's time to build, but not another physical structure.  We don't need another building.  We need to build the body of Christ.  We've been doing this, but now it's time for the church to take that step of faith I've talked about for so long.

South2_copy_2 As I shared a number of months ago, I believe God wants to place our satellite campus in an area where the fields are ready for harvest.  To be honest, as we looked for facilities and open schools, all doors were being shut.  So, we figured God didn't want this move.

Then, God opened a door and everything fell into place.  It was truly a window of opportunity.  It's been His plan all along and on His time table.

I'm so excited to tell you that beginning next spring, we will be opening the First Baptist Church of Orange Park:  South Campus.  This campus will be meeting at Swimming Pen Creek Elementary School.  This school is located off CR220, near Orange Park South and the "Silo" shopping center.  It's a short drive from Green Cove Springs, Fleming Island and even Middleburg.

Details are being ironed out, but begin praying about this.  We're on for Spring 2008.

This campus will result in some changes to our total schedule and ministry.  As I've said, we've done very well the past couple of years, but truly God's been preparing us for greatness.  We cannot afford to miss this one.

On Sunday evening, September 16 at 6pm, I will be presenting the entire growth plan, changes, updates and vision for the new year.  This will be an incredible night, so make sure you're here.  (I've already checked the Jags schedule and it's a 1pm game, so that gives all of us time to get back.)

What a Dangerous Event

Last night I told our men, tongue in cheek, that it's "dangerous" whenever that many men gather together in one place.  We had over 200 men and boys in attendance for our Letters From Dad BBQ Kick-off with Greg Vaughn.  Keith Hall did an amazing job BBQing all our food.  I know he had some help in the kitchen, too.  Thanks men.

Picture_003 Greg told me that he travels all over the country and has been in over 1,400 churches.  He shared how very special our event was.  In churches that run far more than we do, many have difficulty getting 80 men to show up  at an event. . .and we had 200+.

So, men, it is dangerous.  God is up to something.

Click here to download his message from Sunday morning. Download 01_letters_from_dad__leaving_a_lega.mp3

The Letters From Dad concept is incredible and many signed up to be a part of our Legacy Groups.  If you were not able to sign up, go to and download the registration form.  There is a cost - but it's worth it.  Follow the instructions on the form.  Also, go to the Letters from Dad site ( for more information.  Here's the info regarding our Legacy Groups:

Start Time
End Time
6:00 PM
8:00 PM
6:00 PM
8:00 PM
6:00 PM
8:00 PM
6:00 PM
8:00 PM
We will meet together for our BBQ on Sunday, August 19, 2007 in our gymnasium. Our Legacy Groups will begin in September and will meet on Wednesday evening.
Upcoming Events
Letters From Dad Kick-Off BBQ Dinner Sunday, August 19, 2007

Not Time to Fold - Orange Park and Poker

In a letter to our Mayor, the Honorable Robert Standifer, the President of the Orange Park Kennel Club made known their desire to operate a poker room based on state law that went into effect July 1.  Here is how the letter reads:

Dear Mayor Standifer:

I am writing on behalf of the Orange Park Kennel Club to request per state law that an agenda item be placed before the Orange Park Town Council.

On July 1, 2007 a law went into effect, which was passed during the 2007 session of the Florida Legislature, which provides for a pari-mutuel facility, located within a municipality, to petition the governing body of that municipaility, to have approved the operation of a card room via an authorizing resolution.  The approval would also under this new statute entitle the municipality to receive 25% of the tax revenue generated from that card room.

Should the Town Council approve the agenda item and vote in favor of authorizing resolution, the result will be approximately 135 new jobs with an average annual pay of over $50,000 (excluding benefits and bonuses).  As you know, our corporate offices are now located in our Orange Park facility and as this is our principal location we would like to offer at this location the full range of products that the legislature is making available to us.  We will be holding job fairs in Clay County in regard to these 135 new positions, with the intent of filling as many of these as we can with residents of Clay County.  The creation of the card room at this facility will not cause us to expand our facility or increase parking.  We will renovate existing space and utilize our current infrastructure.

We would appreciate an agenda item where the Town Council would consider an authorizing resolution.  We understand that there will be a process under which residents will be able to voice their support or concerns.  Please let us know what that process is and the applicable dates.

Thank you for your consideration of this request.

The above is the complete, unabridged letter from the Kennel Club. 

What is the big deal with this?  If approved, our town will be home of what has become known as a "racino" or a casino with race track.  The town and county has been dealing with this for some time, and now it looks like their backs are against the wall.  Unless public support is shown, not only from residents of Orange Park, but of Clay County as a whole, the results will be a casino in our town. 

We have an opportunity to let our voices be heard on two occasions the Mayor has set up.

Tuesday - August 28 at 7:30pm

Tuesday - September 4 at 7:30pm

These meetings will take place at the Orange Park Town Hall.  If you go, and we encourage you to, and you speak, remember that you are speaking on behalf of your household.  Be courteous.  Be prayed up.  Be bold.

Terrible Success

Here it is, the final message on Jonah.  This prophet known for disobedience was also a preacher who became angry at success and a believer who was more concerned about his own comfort than the lost-ness of others.

It's time for a spiritual gut check.  Are we more like Jonah in chapter 4 than we want to admit?  We sing that "it's all about God" but we live like "it's all about us."  It's time for a change.

Download 01_3_jonah_terrible_success.mp3