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New Shows

New television shows made their premiere last week.  Which ones are you watching and are they any good?

I tuned in to a couple of new ones.

Journeyman - I like this show.  It reminds me of Quantum Leap from the 1980s.  My wife liked the line at the end when the husband said to his wife "I'll always come back."  Yeah, it's a time travel show, but with an interesting twist.  Hopefully it stays around for a while.  Most shows I begin watching are cancelled after I really get into them (i.e. Traveler, Day Break)

Bionic Woman - Well, it's not Lindsay Wagner, but it may last a season or two.  It's a darker "re-telling" of the bionic story.  As a member of the Steve Austin Six Million Dollar Man Bionic Action Club as a kid, I have a soft spot for bionic people.  I'll be watching this one for a while.

Life - This one stars Damian Lewis (Col. Winters from "Band of Brothers") but probably won't last.  Too much Zen and New Age philosophy.  I'll probably give it another couple of weeks and if it doesn't get any better, I'll tune in to something else.

Now, for returning shows, The Unit is looking really good this year as are Heroes and Prison Break.

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