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My True Friend Story & Most Embarrassing

OK, this morning I shared one of my most embarrassing moments in life.  Why?  Well, simply put, the story best illustrated the principle of committed friendship I was making.  Following high school I entered a basketball league.  Shortly before my game was to start, I mentioned that I had a "wardrobe malfunction."  In other words, my athletic supporter broke.  It was then I went into the stands and asked my good friend if I could borrow his underwear.  The amazing thing is that he said yes.  Pretty embarrassing, but I was able to play the game.  BTW - he told me I could keep the briefs.  What a shock, huh?

Wow.  I still can't believe it happened. 

My point is "do you have a friend that would sacrifice and give when you need him?"  I hope you do.  Hopefully, you didn't need to borrow his underwear, but hey, that sure does show he was a friend. 

Do you have any stories of good friends being there when you needed them?  Let me know.

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