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Ten Things Kids Need From Their Parents

As I led our Men's Fraternity session this past Tuesday, the material focused on things that every child needs from their parents.  I was encouraged and challenged by these.  No one is a perfect 10 in all areas, so there are areas where all of us could do better.

Perhaps some of you reading this need to be reminded that healthy, loving families do not just happen.  What is our desire for our children?  We desire they grow up and leave the home with strong values and a faith that is real.

It takes authoritative parenting (which is high in love and high in discipline and instruction) to develop children like this.  BTW - this is not easy, nor was it ever promoted to be.

Here are the ten ingredients for a healthy family:

  1. The family is characterized by strong, supportive, honest communication.
  2. Family members spend a large quantity of time together.
  3. Family members share a common faith and practice.
  4. Family members agree on key values.
  5. Family members practice love and mutual appreciation.
  6. Family members sacrifice for the good of one another.
  7. Family members have common goals and interests.
  8. Family members demonstrate trust with one another.
  9. Husband and wife engage in regular sexual intercourse.
  10. Husband and wife have a firm parental coalition in raising their children.

Grade yourself and your family.  We can all do better.

*Thanks to Robert Lewis for the top 10.

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