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It's the key to personal financial freedom, and it's biblical.  Financial leeway:  What you have left over at the end of the tithe, savings, bills, etc. 

Now, I know that a simple illustratin (like the ten $1 bills I use in this message) does not cover every circumstance.  For instance, I didn't reference what dollar is to cover food, medicine, other needed costs, etc.  That, I believe would have to come out of that money I referenced earlier in the message for obligations.  Anyway, I don't want you to miss the point by a faulty illustration.  The point is that all the money belongs to God.  We are just managing it.  Manage it wisely.

Next year, we are partnering with Crown Financial Ministries to help those in our church and community discover and develop a plan for financial freedom.  I recommend you check out their site at www.crown.org for more information on what they have to offer and articles that may be specific for your situation.  Also, please know that through our church (First Baptist Orange Park) we offer certified Crown Financial Budget Coaches who can help you in this endeavor.  Just don't leave it to chance.

I first heard Andy Stanley present these points and thought they were so relevant and important.  I wanted to share them with you. Check out these steps to freedom.

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