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Why the Way We Grew Up Doing Church Must Change

I bet that title grabbed you.  Some of you are saying "Wait a minute!  If it was good enough 20 years ago, it should be good enough now!"  Right.  We all feel that way when it comes to church.  Church becomes a place of comfort and familiarity.  Yet, somehow along the way we have allowed a church culture to develop that is far from what the New Testament model shows.  We're guilty of this as a church as is every church I have ever been a part of.

Now that I've ticked some of you off, make sure you understand the difference between what I'm saying and what I'm not saying.  I believe in the church.  It's the Body of Christ at work in a sinful world - used by God to show and bring the salvation message to a lost and dying world.  It's just that somehow, we've forgotten that the church is not a building.  Oh we way that all the time, but we still fall back to that mentality.

The buzzword of the past couple of years is "missional."  It still comes up as a misspelled word on my computer, because it's a made up word.  Yet, in the Christian church world, this word is popular.  Put it on any book right now and it will sell.  Of course, give it a few years and another term will take it's place, but as of right now, it works.

So, what does "missional" mean?  I mean, we've been saying for the past 4 years that God desires us to be a missional church.  Our Twitter site says we're a "missional church in the Jacksonville area" and we throw that term around like we believe it.

Still not sure what it's all about?  Still not sure what has to change?  Check out this simple video.  I found it on a fellow pastor's blog and thought it laid it out pretty well.