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Leading Boys Into Manhood at a Local Junior High

I've been leading men's ministry for years at our church and believe that every pastor must be active in this ministry of leading men into authentic manhood.

One of our church members, John Green, has been leading boys into the early stages of authentic manhood at a local school.  This club is legal in that it is not required and meets before school begins. It is just like any other club such as FCA, Student Venture, Chess Club, etc. What he is doing is incredible.  It lines up with all that we are teaching our men and since receiving an email from him last week, I know it is time for our men to partner with John and the "Gentlemen Gators" in this process.

Here's a portion of the email sent to me and one hundred other local pastors (with only three responding to him. . . interesting):

Dear Sirs:

My name is John Green and I am the vice principal at Lakeside Junior High here in Clay County. I wanted to share with you a very special program that God has blessed and to ask for your support and prayers as this group continues to do His work and spread the Good News. Three years ago a small group of men started a club called the Gentlemen Gators to teach young men, especially those without the guidance of an earthly father, how to be authentic men-not one of the world. Little did we know at the time that God was going to bless us and use this group in more ways than we could imagine. What started as a club turned into a mission field. We now understand that when the world says, "They've taken God out of our schools," we know, "He never left!" We now have a
Christ-based curriculum where we teach everything from compassion to forgiveness to humility to salvation and everything in between. Last year our young men served at SeaMark Ranch and Quigley House in addition to "adopting" a local widow and her young children by building a shed and playground for their needs. At our end-of-the-year ceremony at Club Continental, 24 young men-each year the number has grown-were "knighted" in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit right near the banks of the St. Johns River. They also each received a copy of Every Man's Bible engraved with their names. At our celebratory dinner, one young man stated, "I'll remember this night for the rest of my life," and then proudly patting the Bible in his lap stated, "And I'll keep this with me wherever I go." This is a young man who does not attend church and prior to joining our club did not know Christ. While our numbers are not huge, we believe even if one young man comes to know Him because of our group then it was worth all of our time and resources.

I am hereby asking that you present this to your church and missions group and to pray for us. While we meet before school on Friday mornings to avoid any conflicts the Enemy I am sure would love to shut us down.

John Green
We also are praying for Godly men to mentor these young men. If you know of anyone willing and able to meet with a young man every Friday morning, please have them contact me. And finally we are praying for the resources to continue our service in the community and to continue with our knighting. I want to thank you for "fighting the good fight" and know that you have Brothers here that support His will. Having been in schools now for 15 years, I am thoroughly convinced this is where the battle begins and we pledge to reach as many young men-and women, we have a sister group called the Lakeside Ladies--as possible. Thank you and God bless.

Men, are you willing to be REAL MEN for these boys?  Perhaps others?  I believe God is giving us this opportunity to move the teachings from Church for Men and Battle Ready into our community.  Let me know if you are ready for this adventure.

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