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Everlasting God. . . Sometimes We Just Need a Better Perspective

As I sit here in my study just 50 minutes before our 8am worship service today, I am overwhelmed by the greatness of our Lord.  Really.  It may sound "religious" or "sappy" but it's true.  I just listened to a rendition of the worship song "Everlasting God" and am once again reminded that of all the things that concern me, take up my time, fill my calendar and often become "important," the only thing that matters, truly is God.

I exist for one reason - to bring glory to the Father.

It's a simple song with pretty basic lyrics.  I've sung it before.  Our worship choir and band have led us in this song on numerous occasions.  I even have the Chris Tomlin CD with that features the song.  So why today did it strike me?  I think like many, I just needed a reminder that . . .

Our God, You reign forever

Our Hope, our strong Deliverer

You are the Everlasting God, the Everlasting God

You do not faint!  You won't grow weary.

You're the defender of the weak.

You comfort those in need.

You life us (me) up on wings of eagles.

Wow!  Wow!  Wow!  What truth.  What a great reminder.  Here's praying you know this God who loves you dearly.  I pray that you experience Him today!  Know Him.

BTW - this version is by the Florida Worship Choir, led by Terry Williams of the Florida Baptist Convention.  What an image of multiple generations worshiping together focused on an audience of One.  (I love the guitar solo, too.  Yes, you can worship through a guitar solo.)

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