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Internet Pornography - A Bigger Deal Than You Realize

When you read the statistics, it's mind-blowing.  I have talked to many men who have confided a struggle with this issue.  While most see it as a "men's issue," we now know that many women also struggle with this issue.  Pastors and ministry leaders aren't immune to this attack by the Enemy.

There are ministries focused on helping face the temptation such as Defender Ministries and some that offer accountability software like Covenant Eyes. Some feel the need to install protective software such as Net Nanny. Often programs such as this are installed on family computers by parents to protect their children from dangerous sites.  Just remember, no software program is that strong to keep all sites from being accessed.

Some see no danger in accessing pornography.  Focus on the Family has produced some great articles on the lies that pornography tells and affirms and the dangers that come.  Click here for more reading.

Is it addictive?  Some researchers say more than crack cocaine. Others say it is more of a compulsive behavior.  Regardless, it is destructive and, though often justified in the minds of viewers, it is sin. Click here for more information on the lies that pornography offers and some details regarding how to battle it.

Still think it's not a real big deal?  Check out this chart. . .

Porn chart
Chart borrowed from Pete Wilson (

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