Why People Don't Like Church
Good Cancer?

There's No Spiritual Carpool Lane

A few weeks ago, a friend of mine showed me a clip of Francis Chan speaking at at RightNow Conference. Chan is best known as a pastor and author of books such as Crazy Love and Forgotten God.

In this clip, Chan, shares about the meeting he had with a church member who was a little frustrated that Chan didn't seem to understand that all Christians weren't radical.

Take a look at the clip.  It's only a few minutes long. . .

"Jesus Says is a totally different game."

It seems so clear when Francis says this, but it's a pretty hard-hitting message. We have way too many Christians who think Christianity is about being a member of a church, giving a donation every now and then and showing up once or twice a week to hear some music and an inspirational talk.

Wow. How far we've fallen from where we've been called.

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