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Why Do They Do That?

Have you ever wondered why businesses or corporations do things the way they do? I was reading an article in Reader's Digest today by Joey Green that tackled some of these questions. It seems that in most cases there are the perceived reasons as to why things are done and then the actual ones.

What People Think

  • Bag-of-chipsChip companies put so much air in the bags to dupe the consumer into thinking the bag has more chips than it actually does.
  • Walt Disney World seems larger than life because so many Super Bowl champions are "going to Disney World."
  • Walmart has greeters because they know shoppers like saying "hello" to retirees.
  • An egg has to be added to a cake mix in order to make it moist.

The Real Reasons

  • Chip bags are filled with nitrogen because it preserves the freshnes of the chips, prevents combustion (that's why they don't use oxygen) and provides a cushion in the bag so that you end up with mostly whole chips.
  • Walt Disney World seems larger than life because Uncle Walt used forced perspective throughout the park and especially on Main Street U.S.A. This makes the castle seem larger, the road to the castle seem longer and the buildings seem immense. However, when looking from the castle toward the main entrance, the same perspective makes the exit and the monorail seem closer.
  • Walmart has greeters because years ago, one store in Louisiana discovered if they positioned a greeter at the entrance, their rate of shoplifting went down. Sam Walton heard of this and instituted it company-wide.
  • You don't need an egg in any cake mix, but the folks at Duncan Hines or Betty Crocker discovered that folks at home want to fee like they're really working to bake the cake. Before the mixes were available in stores, cakes made from scratch were the norm. They required eggs, flour, sugar, etc. all to be mixed together at just the right amount. Though the boxed cake mixes didn't require an egg, the cooks at home approved of the addition and sales went up.

Now, it's not really a big deal why these groups do these things. As long as we can still get in Walmart, make our way down Main Street U.S.A., eat a bag of chips or maybe a cake, all is good.

Why do we do what we do?

Books have been written. Theologians and church leaders have debated this question for decades. Yet, if the church doesn't answer the question. . . answers will be created. When an answer is created, it most often is wrong.

Consequently, you end up with churches who preach the Gospel and love the Lord, but since they have not and do not adequately explain how the Gospel motivates and love is the expression of a relationship with Christ, the surrounding community and world becomes even more distant. And, this is what leads some churches to be categorized as irrelevent. (Oh, there are some churches who do not believe the Gospel, do not love each other and meet only for the sake of meeting. These groups are not really churches, just clubs. They're irrelevent for other reasons.)