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David Landrith: Walking Through a Valley. . .But Not Alone

I shared Sunday morning the latest news regarding the pastor of the Kingdom impacting church, Long Hollow Baptist Church, in Hendersonville, Tennessee. This is the church my brother Jeff attends with his family.

Landrith_feature3I have only met David Landrith once, though have communicated with him via e-mail a few times. (I doubt he remembers that.) I walked by him at the Southern Baptist Convention in Phoenix a few years ago. I recognized him and went over to introduce myself. I have listened to his messages numerous times and enjoyed seeing how God was blessing through his ministry in Hendersonville.

For some reason, I have always felt a kinship of sorts with him. Maybe it's because we're both named David, in our 40s, born in Tennessee, played college basketball, married up, have kids about the same age and pastor Baptist churches. Maybe it's because he preaches with his shirt untucked, too? Who knows?

Regardless, when news hit The Tennessean last week about David's diagnosed cancer, I was immediately shaken. I'm sure much less than those who know him well and in his church, but nonetheless, I have been in constant prayer for him these last few days.

Last night, my wife, daughter and I sat around my laptop listening to David's sermon from the morning. It's powerful, revealing, and not to be listened to without a box of tissues.

He likened his notification of the cancer (colorectal melanoma) as having the bottom fall out of an otherwise normal week. The information regarding this very rare and agressive cancer is daunting. The life expectancy is . . . well, not very encouraging. Treatment begins soon.

As he stated, he's preached about life being temporary here for years and now. . .he's facing some very real hurdles.

The sadness regarding putting his wife and children through this is evident and almost overwhelming. He and his wife have a recently married daughter, a son graduating from high school this year and another son who is a sophomore in high school.

Rather than re-hash all that he said, take the time to listen to the message. It will be worth your time. Then, continue to pray for David and his family and the family of Long Hollow Baptist Church.

Oh, and maybe most importantly here, number your days and ensure that while you're here, still breathing, that you live each moment for the glory of God. This harsh realization of the shortness of all our days should motivate us to not waste time on small stories and insignificant things (even within the church) that do not expand the Kingdom of God nor proclaim His name and Gospel!

Click here for the link to the audio message. The video has just been uploaded. Watch it below:


Special Message from David Landrith from Long Hollow Baptist Church on Vimeo.

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