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When Two Million Dollars Doesn't Seem Like Much

Now, I know $2 million is a large amount. However, for our church (First Baptist Church of Orange Park) this amount is actually something to be celebrated.

Debt-pictureI have been on pastoral staff at this church for almost twenty years. When I arrived here on January 1, 1994, we were in the midst of a construction project that would lead to the completion of our current Worship Center and Music Suite. The amount of the numerous loans necessary to build these facilities was over $3 million. Then, just about ten years ago, we added our current Family Ministry Center and Education/Administration Suite. The loans were combined and the amount was significant.

From the numbers that I see on our monthly financial statement, we had loans of almost $5 million over the years.

So, when does $2 million look small? When you realize from where you've come and can finally see the end of the road.

I remember just a few years ago when discussions on paying off the church loans was simply stated as "pay the monthly bill" with the inference understood that we (our generation) may never see it paid off.

However, and this is a BIG DEAL, if we continue to give as we have, with our newly restructured bank agreement, we can conceivably be out of debt within EIGHT YEARS!


That's not some pie in the sky idea. That's a reality. It's good stewardship.

Now, while debate continues as to whether a church should ever take out a bank loan, our reality is that we have a debt and now, must pay it off. Can you imagine the Kingdom work we can fund even better when we have over $22,000 each month freed up? That's our current monthly mortgage payment.

According to our financial statement of June 1, 2013, we owe $1,980,530 on our loan.

Thank you for your faithfulness to give. Thank you for your generosity. As we (and I mean we, not just you) continue to give our tithes, offerings and gifts toward the "Building Fund" regularly, we can be released from the burden of this debt.

I can't wait for the day we "burn the note."

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