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Quit Smoking or Give Me $100

One of our church members came by the office today with a check from his doctor. The check was made out to the church in the amount of $100.

SmokingIt seems that earlier this year the church member went to his doctor with a challenge. His doctor smokes regularly (seems odd to me, but hey, that nicotine is addictive.) His doctor had told him previously that he was trying to stop. So. . . the challenge was laid down. The gentleman from our church said, "You have one month to stop. If you haven't stopped by the time I come back for my next appointment, you owe me $100 to the charity of my choice." The doctor agreed.

Apparently, today was the the date for the "next appointment." Our man went to the office, met with his doctor and asked the question, "So. . .have you quit?"

The doctor said, "Not yet."

The response was quick and clear, "Then get your checkbook out. You owe me $100."

The doctor obliged and said, "To whom do I make it out?"

"First Baptist Church."

So. . .thank you doctor for your gift. However, we think you should put away the cigarettes, too. Cigarettes are expensive, but the extra $100 a month makes them outrageous. Oh, and according to most doctors. . . smoking isn't healthy. Try gum.

(The $100 was placed in our Global Missions Fund.)

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