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You Mean That If I Ask Someone To Come to Small Group. . .They Likely Will?

It seems crazy doesn't it? 

Small groups (i.e. Life Groups, Sunday School, Home Groups, etc.) are foundational for potential community development and growth for the church. Yet, in most churches, growth has stalled or negative growth (also known as death) is happening.

What's the problem?

Is it the curriculum? Well, the Bible is the curriculum, or at least should be, and it's proven to be pretty effective over the centuries. 

Is it the teaching? Could be. Unless the leader is continually learning and striving to grow deeper himself/herself, the group can stall.

Is the group welcoming? That depends. Often the familiarity of our groups makes it feel welcoming to regular attenders, but, to be honest, most of us have forgotten what it is like to be the newcomer. 

There are dozens of factors and reasons as to why a small group isn't growing and reaching new people. However, here's today's challenge. Perhaps one reason is because we (the group members, the church) have stopped inviting others.

Not everyone will respond positively, but sometimes our fear of rejection keeps us from even asking.

Check out this recent data from LifeWay Research:

Small-groups-attitudeMaybe, just maybe, we need to be asking and inviting (for real, not in a blanket social media announcement.)

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