Redeeming the Four "B"s in the Western Church (Budgets) - Part 2
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Redeeming the Four "B"s in the Western Church (Baptisms) - Part 3

Redeeming the four "B"s to ensure that false scorecards of church success no longer reign is a challenge. Especially, when one of the "B"s is something that is as vital as this for the church. . . 

BAPTISMS – Now this is a sticky subject. On one hand some pastors would declare that it is wrong to count baptisms. The premise is to “leave the numbers to God.” The other end of the spectrum says that to not count those who are being baptized is to de-emphasize the step of biblical obedience. As one pastor has said, “If you don’t count them, you can count on not having many.”

There’s wisdom in that statement.

So, when does numbering, or counting, one’s baptisms become wrong? It is wrong, and dangerous, when the numbers are what drives a church. When baptisms become little more than “notches on our spiritual gun belts” and the role of discipling is ignored. When a church forgets, or ignores, that each person is valuable and that the baptism is more important in the life of the Christ-follower than for the church as a point of braggadocio.

Baptisms are the outgrowth of a missional theology. The missional church is evangelistic. It is a discipling church. It is a church built on the foundation of Scripture.


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