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Broken: Part 11 "Broken Excuses"


There are many reasons why people give for not saying "Yes" to Jesus. To the believer seeking to win them over, these sound like nothing more than excuses. However, to the person who is resisting Christ, these are legitimate reasons.

Some that I have heard over the years are. . .

  • They don’t believe in God.
  • They don’t believe in Jesus.
  • Their life is good already so they don’t need religion or Jesus.
  • The Christians they know aren’t people they want to be like.
  • They have bad examples of Christianity around them.
  • They don’t want to stop having fun.
  • They will get right with God later.
  • They haven’t ever heard the Gospel – the real Gospel.
  • Christian life is boring.
  • Too much stuff in their past – too far gone.
  • Christians are judgmental.
  • Christians hate everyone.
  • Some think they already know Jesus but have been sold a false Gospel.

The audio link attached to this posting is a sermon I preached at First Church on April 12. I address these reasons and seek to help us understand the legitimate reasons why many say "No." 

This is vital in being men and women who understand the times and seek to live in such as way that God is glorified, the Gospel is proclaimed and the Kingdom grows. 

Truth be told, without changes to how we have been doing "church" in America, the dwindling numbers will continue to be the norm and the resistance to Christ will be affirmed in the minds of non-believers.


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