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Prayer - No Longer the Last Resort: Part 1 - Hallowed Be Your Name

06-07-2015 Prayer - Part 1 %22Hallowed Be Your Name%22

To be honest, we often relegate prayer to being the last resort when facing issues in life. Once we have extinguished all we can do in our power, we then say "Well, I guess all we can do is pray." Unfortunately, by pushing prayer into a last resort, back burner option, we end up with tepid prayers and often stand as weaponless warriors.

This summer series is a focused look at Jesus' model prayer as expressed in Matthew 6. 

To begin with, we must focus on the phrase "Hallowed be your name" and realize that it is not just a declaration, but a command. This is a dramatic shift for me, and likely many others. However, unless we get this. . .the rest of the prayer loses power.

Some points to remember:

  • Prayer is not a mantra that is just to be repeated.
  • The Lord's Prayer (i.e. Model Prayer) is a template Jesus has given us to enable us to live holy and have intimacy with the Father.
  • Our prayers often begin with "Thank you for __________" and then a list of what we desire God to do for us. It's wise to note that the model prayer does not use that template.
  • God is not God because we tell Him so.
  • God is not Lord because we declare it.
  • He is.
  • Prayer is a gift.
  • Many Christians struggle with praying (even pastors.)

Prayer must move from being our last resort to our first response, and as a friend told me yesterday, "It then needs to move from first response to preemptive strike." Yes!

The audio link above is the beginning of this series on prayer.


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