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07-19-2015 Prayer - Part 5 - Forgive Our Debts

When Jesus gave us permission to come to the Father and seek forgiveness of debts, he was likely referring to financial issues, but as we delve deeper into this model prayer, it is clear that finances were just a sliver of the depth of the prayer.

All is good when Jesus says we can ask God to "forgive our debts" but that next line causes some concern. It's difficult. It's challenging. In fact, it's frustrating at times. We are instructed to seek forgiveness "as we have forgiven others." Does this mean that the level of forgiveness we receive will be in line to that which we offer? That's a scary thought. I mean, how many of us love to carry grudges, falsely believing that our grudge is our "right" and actually serves as retribution to those who have harmed us? What a crazy theory.

Maybe it means we are to offer forgiveness to others in the same way we receive it from the Father?

Nevertheless, we discover that in the midst of the Model Prayer (or Lord's Prayer, if you choose) we are expected to be in relationship with the Father, through the Son, so that forgiveness of our debts (lawlessness and sin) may be forgiven and through that relationship we have the ability we do not own on our own - that to forgive others.

If we fully received and held this as truth. . .it would change everything.

It does change everything.


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