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Christians, the Presidential Election, and Political Idolatry (Or...What Now That This Election Is Over?)

The Results Have Been Tallied. We Have Our Answer!

It's true. After a long night of watching prognosticators, spinmeisters, analysts, and pundits explain maps, coloring within the lines either red or blue, flip-flops on what things mean, frustrations, celebrations, and all that comes with this season...WE HAVE THE ANSWER!

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I know it's been a long year. People have been talking (behind face masks) about how everyone else should respond. Families have had arguments. Churches have even had divisions over this. Funds have been given to those who agree with the giver. Funds have been withheld from those who who disagree. Specialty advertising companies have raked in much, plastering names and logos on signs, stickers, banners, and any other items that can be branded.

People have stood in long lines. 

The postal service has worked overtime.

Civic duties have been fulfilled.

And now...thank God...WE HAVE THE ANSWER!

Today, this Wednesday after election day in our nation, it is clear. In fact, it is as clear today as it was yesterday and the days before. Amazingly, the answer has nothing to do with our nation.

The answer we have, the one many have been waiting to hear, is clear. And, we should be declaring it loudly today, with joy, with smiles on our faces, as victors.

Jesus Christ is still Lord.

He is still the Way.

He is still the Truth.

He is still the Life.

He is the answer. 

In this reality, his church, his children may rest. There are no doubts in God's sovereignty. Christians boldly may walk in him, trusting that the throne is not vacant, believing that the promises of the gospel are not watered-down. We have hope. We have lenses in our glasses that are so much better than those handed out by the political parties in our nation. Our worldview is not red, is not blue, is not green, or any other partisan color scheme. Our worldview is biblical and through the lens of Scripture we may see as God sees.

Love God well. Love people truly. Love people enough to introduce them to God.

Rest easy church.

We have the answer.

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