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First Baptist Church of Orange Park (where I have the honor of serving as pastor) was founded on May 1, 1921. The church was initially started after Mrs. Carrie Clarke began leading a children's Bible study on her front porch (that house is located across the street from our church facility in the Town of Orange Park's "Clarke House Park.") We have had a few buildings in our history and actually were located in the older part of town for decades until land was purchased and the church was relocated "on the other side of the tracks." This was a strategic and significant move.

Fbcop 100 years

The first paid pastor of our church was a student at Stetson University in DeLand, Florida. Today it takes about an hour and a half to get from DeLand to Orange Park. Back then there were no interstates or highway systems as we have now, not to mention the many bridges over the rivers. The pastor would drive up on weekends to preach at First Baptist two Sundays each month and would drive to First Baptist Church of Jacksonville Beach for the other two Sundays. 

We have had a rich history here at First Baptist Church. Numerous men have served as pastor. I was informed about a year ago that I was the longest tenured pastor First Baptist has ever had. That just didn't seem right. Surely I hadn't been in the lead pastor role that long. I did some research and discovered it is true. I have served as senior pastor since August 2005. Prior to that, I served from 1994-2005 as Student Pastor and Single Adult Pastor. 

I know we have some great men who have served as pastor here at First Baptist. I had the honor of knowing Pastor Carroll Kendrick. He served here about forty years ago. He may have been one of the smartest men I have ever met. He was always very kind, gracious, and encouraging to me.

When the church called me to serve on staff, Dr. Allen Harrod was serving as pastor. He served for over fourteen years (making him the second-longest tenured pastor.) For me, coming right out of seminary, moving to this great unknown area of ministry in a state I had never even visited was a bit daunting. Yet, Dr. Harrod and his wife Joyce were so welcoming to my wife Tracy and me. We knew this was where God had called us. As the years go by, I am more and more thankful for the faithfulness of Dr. Harrod. Under his leadership our church healed from some very challenging times. We also made the very needed steps to affirm the inerrancy of God's Word in our teaching and preaching. The greatest systematic growth of FBCOP occurred under Dr. Harrod's leadership as he led us to build our current worship center, music suite, educational wing, gymnasium, and office complex. Integrity is always needed in the position of pastor and Dr. Harrod proved to be a consistent man of integrity, always seeking to lead the church as he felt God was leading him, in accordance to God's Word.

As I read through more of our church's history, there are some exciting and amazing moments that show how God was blessing and using FBCOP for his glory. Men and women surrendered to ministry and were sent out from our church to the field. Some served in pastoral roles. Others as missionaries. A number of churches were launched and new church plants supported over the years. There are many victories in our story where God alone gets the glory and credit.

Sadly, there are also stories where some in leadership positions abandoned God's lead and actually caused great harm to the cause of Christ and to his children. While these instances occurred many decades in the past and long before I ever visited Florida or was even out of high school, the facts are these very dark chapters exist. We know many were hurt and for that we are so very sorry. In fact, on occasion I encounter some who are actually facing PTSD in their own lives due to trauma from the past that came from our church. I have sought to minister to these now adults and express my very real and great concern and love for them. In many cases, it is clear that God has healed them (though the scars remain) and in others, the healing is still needed. While those moments of sinful disgust and mistreatment (BTW - the violators have been dealt with through legal processes) are certainly part of our story (and cannot be ignored) they thankfully do not define the work of God in Orange Park through First Baptist Church at large. The enemy would love for FBC to have folded in those days, but for the grace of God and those seeking to follow his lead, we remain.

This is not a moment to congratulate ourselves for surviving to our one-hundredth anniversary, but a time to thank God for his goodness, his grace, his mercy, and for having his hand upon us all these years. 

I am very thankful to be serving the people of First Baptist as God's servant. I know I will not be the last pastor this great church has, but for this moment he has seen fit to allow me this role. So, as we look back over our one-hundred year history, I cannot help but be thankful while simultaneously asking God "What's next?"

The days ahead are exciting. I pray that we continue to look up and look ahead to glorify God well as First Baptist Church of Orange Park and prepare the way for the next generation and the ones to come after that.

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